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Blossoming from Within was established in 2021 to help women trauma survivors establish the tools and resources to unbecome and heal their inner child.

Through this, they can foster a healthy relationship with their inner-child and find who they are meant to be while moving forward in their self-healing journey.

Blossoming from Within works with women over 18 years of age.


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Blossoming from within

"The support with these ladies in the past 6 weeks has really helped me to talk about all I've been dealing with and have dealt with! The support and the advice and tools to help me going forward will be kept close and help me in the future! Thank you!"

Blossoming From Within Participant

"April volunteered to be one of our guest speakers for staff at CHEO through the wellness sessions we offer to staff. She shared authentically and was a great addition to our list of resources for staff to access whenever they need to as the session was recorded. Thank you April for taking time out of your schedule to help us promote wellness to staff during these difficult times."

Helene Larocque, Staff Forum Co-Chair

Fit & Well Group Wellness Facilitator

"I joined April’s one-on-one coaching program fairly early in my healing journey, and with some hesitation. Recreation? Doesn’t that mean exercise? Mindfulness? Like meditation? I’ve tried those things before and they are not for me. Thankfully I was met with April and Katie who explained they would be following my lead and finding what recreation and leisure activities I already enjoyed, either presently or in the past. Through their questionnaires, activities, and out weekly talks I have gained a deeper understanding of my needs and how to release some of the pain I carry daily due to past traumas."


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