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Photo by Darlene O'Rourke Photography

Breakaway for a day

Try something new, explore somewhere new, and find joy!
"It's more than picking activities that we know and are comfortable with.

It's about learning new skills, trying something new, and stepping outside of our comfort zones."
-April, Founder

A day designed for you by you

Breakaway for a day and enjoy what Huron and surrounding counties have to offer.


Rediscover joy.

Try something new, try something outside of your comfort zone.

You don't grow by staying comfortable.

Get to know what is offered within the communities.

What is Recreation and Leisure?

Recreation and leisure are activities people engage in during their free time. These activities are not work oriented or do not involve activities we do for life maintenance (such as mowing the lawn or cleaning). explains: "By definition, recreational activities are those done to help people unwind and find enjoyment when they are not working."

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