Our Approach

At Blossoming from Within, we believe in healing trauma through play. Whether it is participating in sports, being creative with art, getting out in nature, volunteering, we want to help you re-integrate back into your community. We do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach. Each and every healing journey is unique and your own. Our sessions are client-led; resources are tailored for your needs and goals. We are your peer, mentor, and coach. All sessions are 50 minutes long and are via Zoom. 

Note: If finances are preventing you from getting the help you need, please Contact Us so we can co-create a plan for you, which may include accessing support programs that are free of charge or locating coaches who can take on pro bono clients.

Our Coaching Options

1:1 Trauma Recovery Coaching

$95/Session (tax included)

6 sessions for $500 (tax included)

1:1 coaching sessions are to help the survivor set attainable goals in their recovery process. April provides a safe place for you to speak and be heard. She will help guide you to build strength and positive coping mechanisms through guiding, teaching and mentoring.

Connecting Within 

Connecting Within was created to bring together the benefits of 1:1 Trauma Recovery Coaching and recreation & leisure. Through working with both April and Katie, we will help you explore blockages, explore what interests you, and find new activities to incorporate into your healing journey that you will enjoy. All sessions are 50 minutes long. Must be willing to commit for a 8-week period.

4 (1:1) Coaching Sessions with April
4 (1:1) Recreation Therapy Sessions with Katie
Email Support for 8 weeks
2 Custom Resources for your toolkit
(1 from April & 1 from Katie)

Recreation Therapy

3 sessions for $175 (tax included)

For individual sessions, please inquire.

Explore the power of recreation and leisure, and the impact it will have on your recovery journey. During your sessions, together with Katie, you will explore the benefits and specific ways you can apply different activities to your life to support your healing goals. 


Coming Fall 2022

This program is designed for those looking to re-integrate back into their communities through programs and volunteer opportunities.

More details to come.

To be notified when this program launches, join the waitlist and be first to know before it's announced publicly. 

Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts Community was created to provide a safe and welcoming space for women and those who identify as female trauma survivors. Different resources and tips will be shared as well. Our goal is to help you build resources and tools for your toolkits.

This community is also great for those who cannot afford 1:1 coaching at this time.

$20/month (tax included)

When working with a Coach, you want to make sure you are comfortable working with us. No hard feelings if we are not the right person for you or if coaching is not the right modality. We can still talk and help you get closer to the right person or place. Our Informational Chats is an opportunity for you to ask any questions and learn how we can work together. In our 30-minute session, we take a look at what you're looking for, what barriers you are facing, and if we are a good fit for your journey. By the end of our session, you will be able to determine if working with either of us is the right decision.