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Blossoming from Within was created to help other individuals find their joy within with a focus on recreation and leisure activities. Through Breakaways, we focus on community recreation and supporting local small businesses. Whether you are a local looking to get back into the community, or someone wanting to explore somewhere new, we have something for everyone.

About April

Founder & Coordinator

I love finding joy in the little things.

Whether it is getting out on a lake kayaking to learning a new recipe, I am always up for a challenge (even if it is something outside of my comfort zone, to a limit haha. You won't see me bungee jumping or jumping out of a plane).

Finding joy through various activities, I have seen the positive impact it has on one's mental health (even my own).

I created these Breakaway days to help others find the joy within, try something new, and take a day for themselves. It's time we redefine how we approach recreation and leisure for ourselves.

I have been working in different sized community settings since 2010 from being a Program Leader to Program Coordinator. I have worked with individuals of all ages and all abilities through community and private settings.


Some fun facts about me:

-I have never flown on a plane in my life.

-Love to bake.

-Wine and dark chocolate lover.

-Always up for an adventure to new places I've never been or exploring something new wherever I am living.

-I love planning adventures and trips.


Post-Graduate Certificate in Event Management (2019)

Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure Services with Major in Community Recreation (2014)

Diploma of Recreation and Leisure Services (2011)

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