Ever since 2014, our Founder, April, knew she wanted to make a difference and help others in the mental health field when she noticed a lack of resources for adults. It was a fire that burned deep inside of her over the years.

Flash forward to July 2021 when April registered for the Trauma Recovery Coaching Certification program through the IAOTRC. It was then, through her own self-healing journey and using her own background in recreation, April knew what she wanted to create to help other women who have survived trauma.

In August 2021, Blossoming from Within was born. A virtual trauma recovery service to help women across the world in their own self-healing journeys, helping them unbecome, heal their inner-child, and find who they are meant to be.

Blossoming from Within only works with women 18 years of age and older.

About April

Certified Trauma Recovery Coach

I am just like you. I have (and still at times), struggle with my mental health.
My first diagnosis was in 2012, I was diagnosed with depression. In 2016, I was diagnosed with anxiety, and in 2020 I was diagnosed with both PTSD and complex PTSD.


I decided to take my passion for helping others and my own self-healing journey and pursue Trauma Recovery Coaching.

I currently hold a degree in Recreation and Leisure Services with a Major in Community of Recreation from Brock University (2014), a diploma in Recreation and Leisure Service from Algonquin College (2011) and a post-graduate certificate in Event Management from Conestoga College (2019). I am also a certified Trauma Recovery Coach through the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching.

I am a fur-mom to two adorable cats (Khloe and George). Lover of wine, chocolate, baked goods, winter, and outdoors.

I have an incredible partner who continues to stand by my side on the darkest of days and the brightest of days. He always believes in me when I am unable to believe in myself.

I have gone to therapy, but I knew that wasn't the only thing to help me along my self-healing journey. I decided to turn back to my recreation and leisure background and started rediscovering old hobbies and leisure activities, while also picking up new ones.

Through these hobbies and leisure activities, I started to see a change.

A change within myself.

I started to feel calm, happier, grounded, at peace.

I was healing.

Coach April

About Katie

Certified Recreation Therapist

Hello! I’m Katie Carter. I have a bachelor degree in Recreation and Leisure, majoring in Therapeutic Recreation, and have been a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist for 7 years. I help women accomplish their unique wellbeing goals through purposeful participation in recreation activities. 


I enjoy exploring new leisure activities to support my wellbeing and learning new skills that help me feel rejuvenated. When I need to connect with my inner self, I opt for hiking, lake days, therapeutic art, and time engaging with my dogs through play. 


Mindfulness is an ongoing skill I’m working on to help me focus and become more present in day to day life. Mindfulness is cultivating awareness within and around yourself. Practicing mindfulness can increase our ability to regulate our emotions, help us understand ourselves deeper, and help drive desired change within our lives. 


During our sessions I will guide you through mindful and creative hands-on activities to build leisure resources and skills you can apply in your daily life. 


 I am passionate about therapeutic recreation because it has helped me in more ways than one. I have been able to transform my own life from a place of emotional dysregulation and low self-worth, to one where I have the tools to help myself navigate through life’s winding journey. 





April's in-house therapy cats who may pop on during a video call.