Blossoming from Within provides trauma survivors the tools, resources, and support to help them re-integrate back into their communities through participating in recreation programs and/or volunteer opportunities.

Ever since 2014, our Founder, April, knew she wanted to make a difference and help others in the mental health field when she noticed a lack of resources for adults and communities. She wanted to bridge together mental health and recreation, bringing two passions together. It was a fire that burned deep inside of her over the years.

Flash forward to July 2021 when April registered for the Trauma Recovery Coaching Certification course through the IAOTRC. It was then, through her own self-healing journey and using her own background in recreation, April knew what she wanted to create to help communities support trauma survivors.

In August 2021, Blossoming from Within was born.

Blossoming from Within works with those who are 18+

About April

Community Re-Integration Coach

I am a coach with lived experienced in multiple and complex traumas. My recovery and healing work range from abuses such as bullying to assault and medical trauma.


It was through working in various municipal and community recreation departments, my own experiences, and self-healing journey, I noticed the lack of resources and support available for trauma survivors at a community level. 

As a coach, my goal is to be a peer and mentor to my clients as we work together in developing leisure coping skills, new activities to explore for their healing journeys, and re-integrate them back into their communities.

I hold a Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure Services with Major in Community Recreation (Brock, 2014), and a Diploma in Recreation and Leisure Services (Algonquin, 2011). I am a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach through the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches (2022).


My passions lie within building awareness, helping others, being a voice for other survivors, and bridging gaps.

Coach April