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April is not your typical public speaker. She not a famous athlete, nor is she someone popular within her field. April is just an ordinary girl with a story. A story of how she survived multiple traumas throughout her life. A story of how she is unbecoming what her abusers formed to be and healing through recreation and leisure.

April is a relatable speaker. It doesn't take someone famous to get to the hearts of your employees or guests. An everyday person who knows struggle and still shows up day after day, even when things are bad, is someone whom they can relate to.


Featured on:

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Instagram Talk on Trauma and Recovery
with Jennifer Wagner

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Instagram on Healing through Recreation & Creativity
with Felisha Johnson

What Clients Say

"April volunteered to be one of our guest speakers for staff at CHEO through the wellness sessions we offer to staff. She shared authentically and was a great addition to our list of resources for staff to access whenever they need to as the session was recorded. Thank you April for taking time out of your schedule to help us promote wellness to staff during these difficult times."


Helene Larocque, Staff Forum Co-Chair

Fit & Well Group Wellness Facilitator

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