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Series 1 Episode 8: My Story

Final episode of Series 1 and I thought I would share my story. I debated where I wanted to put this episode, but it felt right to leave it for the last episode of the series. Trigger Warning: this episode mentions abuse, assault, sexual harassment, suicide, and other words/events that may be triggering to some. It is okay to step away from the episode if you become triggered.

This episode is unedited, raw, and shares parts of my story I haven't shared with anyone except outside of my parents and fiancé. I have come a long way in my healing journey, my past doesn't define me. It has broken me down, but I have never let it defeat me.

This is my story, my journey.

If parts of this resonates with you, know you are not alone.

Thank you so much for supporting Series 1 of Unbecoming Her Podcast. I am going to take a short break from recording before launching into Series 2.

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