Find who you are meant to be

Blossoming from Within helps women trauma survivors establish the tools and resources to unbecome and heal within.

Through this, they can foster a healthy relationship within themselves and find who they are meant to be while moving forward in their self-healing journey.


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Blossoming from Within works with women over 18 years of age.

If you are someone who is:
-Living with PTSD or Complex-PTSD
-Have survived any kind of trauma or abuse
-Looking for something more than just talk therapy
-Ready to unbecome all the lies you were told and ready to become who you are meant to be
Look no further.


"Love being able to connect with others in a non-judgemental space. Support from others going through similar things is very helpful."


Healing Hearts Member

"Having other people in your corner who understand you and help you get through the process of healing as really helped me get through hard times! I really love this community."


Healing Hearts Member

"I joined April’s one-on-one coaching program fairly early in my healing journey, and with some hesitation.  Through weekly talks I have gained a deeper understanding of my needs and how to release some of the pain I carry daily due to past traumas."




Having resources that are helpful and trauma informed is beneficial for survivors and for yourself.

We have a list of books, organizations, and websites to help you build up your resources list.

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Unbecoming Her

A podcast designed to bring awareness and conversation to trauma, trauma healing, unbecoming, and finding who you are after trauma.

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