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Access Adventures Huron

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1:1 Community Support

Access Adventures Huron provides 1:1 community support for individuals living with special needs. Helping individual integrate back into their community of Huron County.

Support includes:

  • Setting and assisting individual in reaching recreation goals

  • Researching community recreation programs you can participate in

  • Support at community recreation programs

  • Recreation support at home

  • Support at volunteer activities

Please reach out for your FREE initial consultation to discuss needs and goals.

Consultation and Research

  • Developing and setting recreation goals together

  • Research local recreation programs based on interests and goals

  • Develop home-based programs if program is not currently being offered in community

Leisure Education

  • Discover how leisure activities can bring joy and sense of purpose into your life

Community Integration and Connection

  • Exploring what the county and community has to offer

  • Collaborating with local small businesses to create programs and offerings

  • Find and participate in community opportunities that create opportunities for growth, social interaction, creating relationships, and developing social skills

Adapted from Restore Recreation


Services you can expect from a Community Recreation Support Coordinator

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